“the Spartans do not ask how many, but where they are”

“gerak hanyalah ilusi dan waktu hanyalah sebuah konsep…..”

Remember the Titans – Julius Campbell
I’m supposed to wear my self out for the team?
What team?!
No. No, what I’m gonna do is,
I’m gonna look out for myself, and I’m gonna get mine.

Barnyard – Ben
A strong man stands up for himself
A stronger man stands up for others

Taiyou no Uta – Kouji
It’s not a matter of which is right,
what’s important is which decision you will not regret.

“Men always want to be a woman’s first love;
women have a more subtle instinct: what they like is to be a man’s last romance.”
— Oscar Wilde

if it happened twice, it happened thrice..

a girl marries a guy and expect him to change, but he didn’t.
a guy marries a girl and expect her to stay the same. but she changed.

Will Smith-Hitch
There’s something more to life than Watching Other People Live it.
You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.

those who are not willing to put their lives on the line,
are not prepared to deal with issues of life and death.

even within a dream-world

the chance to “say farewell to someone without them noticing you”
…technically also means “leave behind some evidence that you said farewell”

Serafina Anna,
keberuntungna itu ada, karena ada usaha
dan skill itu ada dari adanya usaha


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